Syringe Services Programs

What is this strategy?

Support syringe service programs operated by any governmental or nongovernmental organization authorized by section 90-113.27 of the North Carolina General Statutes that provide syringes, naloxone, or other harm reduction supplies; that dispose of used syringes; that connect clients to prevention, treatment, recovery support, behavioral healthcare, primary healthcare, or other services or supports they need; or that provide any of these services or supports.

Why syringe service programs?

Syringe services programs (SSPs) are an evidence-based strategy to reduce overdose deaths, reduce transmission of bloodborne pathogens including HIV and hepatitis C (HCV), and connect participants to treatment and care. SSPs provide a variety of social and health services for people who use drugs, often serving as the primary avenue to meet their health needs. They offer sterile syringes and disposal services to remove biohazards from the community, reduce sharing and reuse of syringes, provide wound care, distribute naloxone, and offer many other wraparound services.

Complete List of Resources

The following resources have been compiled by the NC Department of Health and Human Services to help local governments better understand this strategy.
The resources below are organized by level.

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Introductory Resources

NC Association of County Commissioners Webinar

A webinar that provides an overview of syringe services programs (SSPs), highlights Wilkes Recovery Revolution, Inc, and the Cabarrus Health Alliance

North Carolina Registered Syringe Services Programs

View or download a list of current syringe services programs in North Carolina

Syringe Services Programs Fact Sheet

A 1-page fact sheet provided by the CDC covering the benefits of syringe services programs

Establishing a Syringe Services Program in Rural America

A brief fact sheet from the National Harm Reduction Coalition about establishing SSPs in rural communities

Syringe Services Programs Overview

A short overview of syringe services programs from NC Harm Reduction Coalition

FAQs on Non-Prescription Syringe Sales in NC

A one-page guide for pharmacies on over-the-counter syringe sales in NC

Syringe Services Programs: A NACo Opioid Solutions Brief

A 4-page overview that covers the evidence base for SSPs, potential benefits, and best practices

The Importance of Syringe Services in North Carolina

A 2-page infographic that describes services provided by SSPs in NC and the benefits of SSPs

Harm Reduction to Prevent Overdose: A Primer

Provides introductory information about harm reduction for those working in overdose prevention in NC and highlights useful resources developed by organizations in NC and nationally

Intermediate Resources

Syringe Service Programs: A Technical Package

View effective strategies and approaches for the planning, design, and implementation of SSPs

Materials for Syringe Services Programs: A Guide for Staff & Volunteers

A learning tool that provides an overview of materials typically available at an SSP and discusses improved communication

Establishing Syringe Services Programs in North Carolina: Webinar Archive

An archived resource from Injury Free NC of 7 webinars and accompanying resources

Harm Reduction is Healthcare: Sustainable Funding for Harm Reduction Programs

This interactive toolkit is designed for leaders of harm reduction programs and is free to access

CDC Syringe Service Programs Resource Hub

View resources and research about Syringe Service Programs from the CDC

North Carolina Safer Syringe Initiative Annual Report, 2021-2022

An annual report released by the NC Department of Health and Human Services which presents data about Syringe Service Programs in the state

Advanced Resources

Training Deck on Harm Reduction and Syringe Access

A customizable PowerPoint slide deck designed to provide an overview on the foundations of harm reduction (from NHRTAC)

Navigating the Harm Reduction Funding Landscape: A Guide for State, Federal, and Private Funding

A guidance document designed to assist harm reduction program with navigating the funding landscape

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