Data Dashboard – NC Payment Schedule

This dashboard provides the schedule of estimated payments (subject to change) for each of the North Carolina counties and cities receiving payments from the national opioid settlements. The estimated payment amounts were provided by the North Carolina Department of Justice (NC DOJ) based on information available to NC DOJ in August 2023.

Note that some municipalities have directed their opioid settlement funds to the counties where they are located, including Cary (starting in FY 22-23), Charlotte (starting in FY 23-24), Concord (starting in FY 23-24), Gastonia (starting in FY 22-23), and Raleigh (starting in FY 22-23).  The estimated payments to Cabarrus, Chatham, Durham, Gaston, Mecklenburg, and Wake Counties have increased to reflect this.

When are payments disbursed? In FY 23-24, approximately 27% of each local government’s total fiscal year payment was disbursed in late July and early August 2023; the remainder will be disbursed throughout the rest of the fiscal year at times that cannot be determined (as of August 2023). The timing of payments in later fiscal years may be different.

Use the dashboard below to view the anticipated fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) payments for each local government and the state of NC. (Note that the FY 22-23 payments include amounts received in May-June of 2022, at the tail end of the prior fiscal year.)

Last Updated June 23, 2023