Naloxone Distribution

What is this strategy?

Support programs or organizations that distribute naloxone to persons at risk of overdose or their social networks, such as Syringe Service Programs, post-overdose response teams, programs that provide naloxone to persons upon release from jail or prison, emergency medical service providers or hospital emergency departments that provide naloxone to persons at risk of overdose, or community-based organizations that provide services to people who use drugs. Programs or organizations involved in community distribution of naloxone may, in addition, provide naloxone to first responders.

Why naloxone distribution?

Naloxone is a safe and effective medication used to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose and is a life-saving drug if administered quickly and appropriately. Expanding access to naloxone through various community settings is a key strategy in reducing overdose deaths. Multiple research studies have found that communities with naloxone distribution programs have reduced opioid overdose deaths and opioid use. Naloxone distribution saves lives. 

Complete List of Resources

The following resources have been compiled by the NC Department of Health and Human Services to help local governments better understand this strategy.
The resources below are organized by level.

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Introductory Resources

NC Association of County Commissioners Webinar

A webinar that provides an overview of naloxone distribution and the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition, as well as a moderated discussion about naloxone in North Carolina communities

Naloxone Saves

A harm reduction resource for North Carolina focusing on Naloxone

Naloxone Distribution Toolkit

A toolkit to help guide local health departments and community organizations to implement a distribution standing order

Naloxone Request Form for Organizations

A form for organizations to submit requests for naloxone for distribution to individuals at high-risk of opioid overdose

Naloxone Standing
Order Frequently
Asked Questions:
Pharmacists Guide

A 2-page guide to frequently asked questions about naloxone for pharmacists

NACo Naloxone Strategy Brief

A short introduction to naloxone and its evidence base from the National Association of Counties

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