Collaborative Strategic Planning

What is this strategy?

Support collaborative strategic planning to address opioid issues, including staff support, facilitation services, or any activity or combination of activities in support of Collaborative strategic planning (as listed in Exhibit C to the MOA)

Why collaborative strategic planning?

There is a lot of important work underway in North Carolina to respond to the overdose crisis. The Opioid Settlement Funds are a critical way to build off these existing efforts.

Collaborative strategic planning allows all people in a community to provide input into developing a plan and facilitates planning that is well-matched to the needs of their community. People who use drugs, and those with a history of drug use, are one of the groups that that should have a real voice in creation of programs and plans designed to serve them.

This strategy allows programs to understand the needs of their community, maximize limited resources, coordinate with key partners, and ensure that services are not duplicated.

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